Welcome to our online payment gateway.

You can use this gateway to securely pay any invoice that we have billed to you. Since we use PayPal to process our payments, you won't even be sharing any of your payment information with us. PayPal will handle all of that and simply send us your payment. PayPal does not require that you have an account with them to make a payment to us and it accepts all major credit cards and will even allow you to pay directly from any bank account of your choice.

To pay an invoice, simply put your invoice number in the Invoice ID field below and the invoice amount in the Payment field below. If you don't have an invoice number, you can put your business name or any other identifying information that lets us know who you are in the Invoice ID field. However, please enter only letters or numbers in the Invoice ID field. Once you have filled in both fields below, you can then press "Go!" so that our site can make a note of it. A "Pay this Invoice" button will then appear. Clicking on that button will send you to PayPal's secure web payments page where you can pay the invoice. Then, once you have completed your payment there, PayPal will then send you back to our site which will then record that you paid the invoice and give you a confirmation of your payment.

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